Be our ally, join the transformation. Building unique real estate strategies, and changing cities, one project at a time.
What we do
What we do
The Ally Group

The Ally is a real estate asset manager, who radically shifts the quality and service frontiers for private and institutional investors in Argentina.

We develop comprehensive and scalable strategies, under international investment and development best practices, promoting modern and transformative products.

A new alternative investments house in a new Argentina.

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Who we are
The Ally is a group of creative, relationship oriented, driven real estate investment professionals, who see urban reality with new eyes.

A company founded by:

Uppergrowth is an alternative investment firm specialized in the design and implementation of alternative strategies to catalyze and democratize growth in key sectors, founded by professionals who have been pioneers in the development of strategies and investment funds for the Latin American institutional market.

The Team
Team with unique track record in financial asset management, real estate fundraising and development of international best practices.
  • Pioneers in the creation of regional investment, development and management platforms.
  • Solid track record in private banking, investment banking and alternative investments.
  • Extensive experience in the creation and implementation of new investment strategies.
  • Solid origination, structuring and fundraising capacities and best practices at the international level.
  • Unique access to Land Owners, Developers, International Funds, Banks, and Regulators.
  • Unique regional network that extends from Mexico to Argentina.
Real Estate
Why Real Estate in Argentina
  • Inflection point in Argentina due to the confluence of economic, political and social factors implying a new paradigm.
  • Consistent opportunity in the real estate sector. Strong inflows of institutional investment, plus a developing mortgage market as key drivers for growth.
  • Access to construction and mortgage loans with key local strategic relationships Unique projects, differentiated by location and size.
  • Differentiated products in terms of design, service and value proposition Five year term fund with well balanced risk-return profile.
  • Team with important regional track record in real estate investments and development.

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